wormz & frogs

In a mystical forest in the Metaverse, there live groups of wormz & frogs ! They passively yield token $EARTH. This token will have a big utility in our project… Soon as the mint is finish, you will be able to earn the token just by keeping your NFT in your wallet, no need to stake. The token will be used for mint the VX project, play the future RPG game, being part of the community with the DAO & votes etc… 

why on matic ?

As we are building a game and a stacking function, we are developing this project on the polygon network! This will allow you to do actions without paying any fees. Keep in mind that some future aidrops/collaborations could be done on Ethereum. 

We are not locked against Ethereum we just want to make the project affordable and the future game playable.

the project

• We are building an old school RPG game. You will be able to play with your frogs & wormz directly in the game ! For now, it's in development.

• Because of the rarity of frogs, they will have in game bonuses & passive $EARTH yield bonus. If you have a frog, keep it safe !

• Wormz farm 5 $EARTH per day & Frogs are farming 15 $EARTH. With these token, you will be able to consume them in game to purchase skill points & character points to customize your NFT. 

You will also have the possibility to buy items in the game with these tokens !

• You will be able to use your token to mint future VX collections, buy lands, vote in the community and interact with the DAO.

the game

I will tell you more about the future Play2Earn we are building! 

It’s a completely novel concept never seen before. Understand that it will take a bit of time for us to completely show you the final result. 

The WnF NFTs are very important in the game they will be needed to play !

The main concept of the game is to make a Hunter RPG if you are a bit confused with the concept, let me explain you :

We will have a large map like that (this is some samples nothing final, not from us) :

You will be able to join party of 12 and play with your NFT, there will be 2 FROGS & 10 WORMZ in the map, then that’s simple if you are a FROG you will have to hunt WORMZ and if you are a WORMZ you will have to escape FROGS.

The more time you survive as a WORMZ the more you earn $EARTH tokens, the less time you spend hunting with a FROG the more you earn $EARTH tokens.

As the supply of WORMZ is big, FROGS have a bigger advantage.You will be able to farm some resources in the map that will help both for escape or for hunt ! 

You can’t play infinitely, you have certain amount of energy per day 50 energy for example, so you can play 50 games as a FROG or a WORMZ.

The game is all about timer ! As you understand, THE MORE YOU SURVIVE with a WORMZ the more you earn tokens & the more YOU HUNT FAST with a frog the more you earn tokens !

It will have a balance that even if a WORMZ suvive for a long time they will not earn many tokens than FROGS, so FROGS will never be undervalued.

As mentioned before, there will be some resources like Food for buff, Potions for heal, Scrolls & Books for spells, etc…

Some creation of WnF ressources :


900 GEN 0

100 GEN 0 Whitelist

vx collection (date tba)

0.047 ETH

0.025 ETH 1 day before mint



Chances of minting a Frog with unique traits: 10%


Chances of minting a Wormz with unique traits: 90%

special frogs

We have some legendary 1 of 1 frogs ! These are super rare, they will be only available via auction on OpenSea. Having a legendary frog will give you special access in the discord, earning of 30 $EARTH per day, discount for future mint & special vote in the DAO ! We have so much more ideas for them, it's just the beginning.

questions ?

If you have any other questions feel free to DM our team on discord, we will add things to the whitepaper as the project progresses.