space pirates

What is space pirates ?

It's a 2500 NFT collection on the polygon network. with 2000 pixel art characters and 500 lands, space pirates will conquer the metaverse !

1000 characters & 4000 monsters will be release. If you mint a character you will farm more $loot token and you have a chance to steal a monster from minting !



LOOT RPG is a retro pixel inspired RPG. As a big fan of these types of games, we wanted to recreate the same vibes in the community and in the project ! We chose to make a Wolf game fork with a different concept.

Soon you will be able to stake your NFT, earn $LOOT, loot other people, customize your NFT, and much, much more TBA !

- PHASE 1 Minting

2000 NFTs will be available for free minting. After the 2000 Free NFTs are sold out, 3000 NFTs will be minted with 0.05 ETH. When all Phase 1 NFTs have been minted, staking will become available.
There will be 1000 Hero's & 4000 Monsters.

- PHASE 2 Supply

After the 5,000 NFTs are sold out, you will be able to mint with the $LOOT token !
The more NFTs you want to mint, the more $LOOT it costs !

- PHASE 3 Farming

While your NFT is staking on our website it will give you the $LOOT token, which can be used to mint more NFTs, buy new items, or be sold for a desired token.

There will be a tax on the monsters, which Hero's will earn.

Hero's will also be able to steal mints. If you try to mint with $LOOT, there is a chance your mint is stolen by a Hero ! Hero's will also earn more $LOOT than monsters.
You can't Unstake your NFT for 24H when you stake it !

New Items will be added to the game, such as potions which can boost how much $LOOT you earn.

- PHASE 4 Legendary items

There will be some legendary monsters & Hero's available to mint ! Only those who find secrets can mint them. They will boost your staking rewards and give you many advantages.


With all the funds collected from OpenSea fees & others, we will create a Massive DAO ! We will make a snapshot and invest in other big projects such as SANDBOX etc with this DAO.

- PHASE 6 Land

After all of NFTs are sold out, we will create land functions. With land, you will be able to have your NFT on it for some real gameplay and dungeon farming ! We will give sneak peek soon...

- PHASE 7 Stay Tuned!

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